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Climb to the top

Stop Losing Profitable “Cash Calls” On The Internet To Other Towing Companies!


Online-Media-Group Specializes In Bringing This Business Directly To You.


Charge Customers Your “Full Rates” – We Are NOT a Motor Club.


“Live” Tow Emergency Calls

Our only focus is to make your towing service extremely profitable. We are experts in delivering very affordable, live, internet calls directly to your towing company in an exclusive service area.

Weekly Reports

We update you every week on the time, location and phone number of every call that we have generated for you.

Only Pay For VALID Calls

Wrong numbers, sales calls, customer no shows or change of mind are a fact of life – if your business depends on the phone to ring. Our cutting edge technology identifies these types of calls and you will NOT be billed for them.

Charge Customers YOUR “Full Rates” & Say Goodbye To Motor clubs!

There is no better time to advertise on the Internet than at the precise moment someone desperately needs a towing service that is close by.

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